Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Camellia Ball

31 accomplished and beautiful young ladies were presented at the 58th Annual Camellia Ball, held Wednesday evening, November 24, 2010, at Fort Whiting:

Miss Anne Arden Ball, Miss Virginia Hamilton Behlen,
Miss Catherine Bowen Robinson Bell, Miss Frances Case Bowman
Miss Mary Katherine Casteix, Miss Margaret Ruth Coats,
Miss Emily Redding Collins, Miss Amy Linden Courtney

Miss Kathleen Marlowe Galloway,  Miss Mary Virginia Givhan,
Miss Anne-Brooks Hodgson,  Miss Katherine Hays DePauw Holmes

Miss Mary Catherine Keith,  Miss Catherine Fogarty Leatherbury,
Miss Chelsea Elizabeth Levi,  Miss Hallie Otilia McCoy

Miss Margaret Ruth McCrummen, Miss Virginia Albright McNeil,
Miss Lucille Cobb McVay, Miss Frances Williams Morrissette

Miss Lynn Wentworth Morrissette, Miss Julia Siesel Oppenheimer,
Miss Mary Morgan Darby Radcliff, Miss Elizabeth Bailer Slaton

Miss Mary Frances Smith, Miss Mary Rhett Walker,
Miss Elizabeth Cameron Weller, Miss Elise Epling Wettermark

Miss Whitney Marie White-Spunner,
Miss Caroline Talbott Willett, Miss Patricia Leatherbury Williams